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Commercial Trucks for Sale Zeeland, MI

Selling Pre-owned Peterbilt and Kenworth Trucks

In 2014, we opened our truck sales division here in West Michigan. We have used trucks for sale year-round and typically focus on pre-owned Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks.

We currently have 50 Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks in our own transportation yard. Our founder and president, Dave Van Haitsma stated, “It’s what we use, know and trust.”

When it comes to range, we typically sell trucks built in 2000+, but sometimes sell classics as well. We specialize in used vehicles.

Peterbilt Motors was founded in 1939 and specializes in commercial heavy and medium-duty trucks for transportation within the manufacturing industry. Their sister division, Kentworth Trucks, Inc., was founded in 1923. Similar to Peterbilt, Kentworth Trucks also focuses on heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial trucks. Kentworth was the first trucking company to create a heavy-duty vehicle with a body that was aerodynamically optimized. They also focus on their zero-emissions trucks, whereas Peterbilt’s trucks focus on smart technology.

Types of Truck Cabs

We sell Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks with different types of truck cabs, so if you are in need of a day cab, heavy day cab, a flat top sleeper, or something similar, please contact our sales team today! 

  • Day Cab/Heavy Day Cab Trucks – Also called without sleeper trucks, or cab-over trucks, Day cab’s are intended for day trips and don’t consist of sleeper cabins.
  • Flat Top Sleeper Trucks – Flat top sleeper trucks are great for areas with height restrictions. These trucks contain a sleeper berth for long-haul trips.

Our Experienced Sales Staff Is Here To Help. See Our Inventory

V-Max Truck Sales not only buys and sells used trucks, but also provides maintenance and cosmetic services to help your used truck look good as new. We provide our truck maintenance services with the highest standards in mind, that is why we choose our used trucks wisely and sell the brands we sell, all of which are well-known within the industry.  

Commercial Truck Services
    • Quality used truck sales – We ensure the quality of each used truck we sell, understanding the importance of their functionality for our clients and their suppliers.
    • Truck Repair – Our mechanics can provide general or advanced repair for your Peterbilt and Kenworth truck; anything from basic PM’s to  engine overhauls. Trust in our experienced team to get the work done for your trucking needs.
    • Aftermarket parts & accessories – We carry parts and accessories from top-of-the-line industry brands, which can be found here (INSERT LINK). We use these very same reputable and trusted brands on the Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks in our own fleet
    • Parts & custom parts installations – If you’d like to customize your truck, we’ve got you covered. V-Max Truck sales carries performance parts, like pedals, tuners, and performance kits, steering wheels, bumpers, and more.
    • AlumaClear/AlumaWrapp Installations – V-Max Trucks is an official service provider for the ALUMACLEAR® system. AlumaClear doesn’t peel or flake and provides your truck or trailer with a factory-fresh shine.
    • Aluminum Polishing – Aluminum polishing not only improves the look of your vehicle by eliminating scratches and providing a glossy finish, but also extends your paint job’s longevity as well as makes cleaning V-Max Truck Sales offers professional aluminum polishing. From full trucks, to boats, to custom parts. No job is too big or too small. 
    • Wheel Polishing – When it comes to aesthetic appeal, there are few better ways to freshen your truck’s appeal than polishing the wheels. Polishing your wheels can also prevent costly wheel replacement from rust and corrosion.
    • Interior & exterior detailing – Have our team detail inside and outside of your truck, removing any unwanted and forgotten debris from your many journeys on the road.
  • General maintenance/services on motorhomes & RV’s – From checking tire pressures, upgrading your manifolds; Please (Contact) us today to schedule your appointment. 
    Specializing in 2010 and newer, we can adjust your ECM tune and make sure all your systems are functioning properly.

If you’re interested in purchasing a commercial truck near Zeeland, Michigan, look no further than V-Max Truck Sales. Trusted and family-owned for over 20 years, we have the Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks you’re looking for.